Amazon Web Services, Benefits Of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services




3.1. Compute

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a web service that offers a cloud computing ability that is resizable.

3.2. Network

AWS offers the most extensive and deep networking services globally with the highest reliability, security, and efficiency.

3.3. Storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service is an object storage service with a simple web service interface.

3.4. Database

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) offers database services that make it easy to set up, run, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-effective and flexible database management functions.

3.5. Security

AWS Security lets you understand and track your security measures through AWS accounts. We have a range of powerful security tools at our disposal, including firewalls and endpoint security, vulnerability detection, and compliance scans.

3.6. Container

The famous cloud storage service AWS is the number one place for running containers, and according to the statistics, over 80% of the containers run on AWS.

3.7. Analytics

AWS provides the largest and most profound portfolio of personalized analytical services optimized for individual analytical cases.

3.8. DevOps

AWS offers a range of scalable services that allow businesses to develop and deliver products more quickly and trustworthily through AWS and DevOps.

3.9. Management

With AWS Management and Governance services, consumers do not have to choose between creativity and control — they can have both.


Following are some of the AWS we provide:

4.1. AWS Infrastructure Management

Cloud Expert provides these AWS services, the biggest and most dynamic ecosystem with millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners worldwide.

4.2. AWS Migration Service

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service, enabling you to move thousands of workloads on-site to AWS more rapidly and easily.

4.3. AWS Consulting Service

Cloud Expert provides you AWS Consulting Service. Get benefit from this consulting service and make your experience a great one with AWS.

4.4. Cloud Application Development

At Cloud Expert Ltd., our team develops cloud apps built to be browser-agnostic, future-proof, and highly scalable.

4.5. AWS Optimization Service

Optimization is essential for any business or webpage; At Cloud Expert Ltd, we provide AWS optimization service to let your business flourish even more.

4.6. Cloud DevOps Service

We take care of everything from assessing the existing DevOps procedures, automation, and use of the best instruments for process transformation to the continuous management of the pipeline.

4.7. AWS Monitoring Service

Cloud Expert offers you AWS Monitoring Service. With AWS, you can boost your business agility while retaining governance power. AWS offers control and observability of the resources on AWS and on-premises. Track your AWS software, infrastructure, and utilities.

4.8. Cluster & Performance Analysis

We provide a great deal of attention and commitment from cloud infrastructure providers, integrators, and service users.


5.1. Archiving

Affordable options for archiving data from gigabytes to petabytes

5.2. Backup and Restore

Durable, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions

5.3. Business Application

Simplify management and reduce the expense of current business applications

5.4. Cloud Migration

Easily switch applications and data to AWS.

5.5. Containers

Fully managed resources for all workloads

5.6. Database Migration

Save time and costs by migrating to professionally operated databases.

5.7. Data Lakes and Analysis

Comprehensive, stable, scalable, and cost-effective data lake and analytical solutions

5.8. DevOps

Create and deliver products rapidly and reliably using DevOps practices


6.1. SAP Competency

To achieve breakthrough results, you need to move beyond the company’s idea to IT alignment;. Your SAP and IT team must be an integral part of your company and work to achieve your goal.

6.2. Migration Competency

AWS Migration Competency recognizes that Cloud Expertise offers established technology and profound expertise to successfully help customers move to AWS in every step of complicated migration projects.

6.3. DevOps Competency

We have demonstrated our abilities by optimizing businesses by utilizing the AWS platform and DevOps principles.

6.4. Non-Profit Competency

AWS non-profit competency is the product of our dedication to those organizations as they seek to achieve their goals while staying stable, compliant, and cost-efficient with AWS.

6.5. Amazon EC2

Almost all business applications are developed on Windows systems. At Cloud Expertise, we work together with firms of all sizes to secure Microsoft applications to be designed, transferred, deployed, scale, and managed in the Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

6.6. Solution Provider

As an AWS Channel Reseller’s qualified partner, Cloud Expertise is known for its experience in providing and reselling AWS cloud solutions to the commercial and public sectors.


7.1. Cost-Effectiveness

In contrast with the other on-site providers, AWS provides economical, extremely affordable rates.

7.2. Reliability

Amazon provides an overall reliable infrastructure that is flexible depending on use. To keep costs low, individuals can scale down their use as fewer people are using the device.

7.3. Security

Securing your company from possible leakage of information and cyber breaches is important to your business’s success. AWS has built an incredibly stable system, both physically and virtually.

7.4. High Availability

High availability in networking makes sure that computers continue to respond even though some of their components fail. This is important for mission-critical systems that cannot tolerate service interruption.

7.5. Unlimited Storage Capacity

AWS provides you unlimited storage capacity. You can also increase your storage capacity with a minimal monthly fee whenever you need it.

7.6. Easy Management

This also applies to handle the company’s IT infrastructure successfully. One of the biggest advantages of AWS is that managed IT services are readily accessible and can help make running the company much easier.


8.1. Global Infrastructure

You will have access to a global distributed and/or cloud-based network to deploy your application in any part of the world.

8.2. Data Redundancy

AWS, by default, produces duplicate copies of your files and stores them in another geographic location.

8.3. Low Latency Content Delivery

This will allow you to comfortably increase your application’s pace and responsiveness than ever before.

8.4. Affordable Solutions

All choices to go! With only one click of a button, you can have all the computing power you need to process and store all your data and applications.

8.5. Integration with a lot of third party services:

Amazon is always partnering with third-party services and providers to change the customers’ lives.

8.6. Pay as you go, pricing model.

Pay as you go billing system where you only pay for how much you use, like seconds, minutes, or hours.

8.7. More use

While most of the conventional IaaS charge you more as you expand, Amazon often lowers its prices to the ones that use a lot of its resources.

8.8. High Availability

AWS has high availability, with 99.9 % service availability.



10.1. Nokia

Nokia chose to use a distributed database to produce manual reports as opposed to a traditional DB. Nokia could run queries twice as quickly as its previous solutions and use business intelligence software to mine and analyze big data at a 50 percent reduced cost after switching to AWS and using the Amazon Redshift.

10.2. Shazam

Shazam used Amazon DynamoDB to handle secondary data systems and Amazon Elastic MapReduce for Big Data Analytics.

10.3. Netflix

A renowned player in the US when it comes to streaming online content, Netflix has collaborated with AWS for services and content distribution. AWS allows Netflix to perform thousands of tasks within minutes easily.


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